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Past Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Rebekah Horn

Currently a Fisheries Geneticist at Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission 

Co-supervised with Dr. Micheline Manseau (2016-2018) working on the genomic characterization of caribou ecotypes.

Dr. Eric Hileman

Currently at the Fort Collins Science Center - United States Gelogical Survey (USGS)

Expertise in Evolutionary Biology, Ecology

Dr. Cornelya Klutsch

Her project focussed on the coordination of phylogenetic characterization of caribou ecotypes and establishing an international caribou and reindeer project with her previous employer at the Genomics Institute at KTH in Sweden .

Co-supervised with Dr. Micheline Manseau (2011-2017)

Dr. Erin Koen

Currently an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow at the Biology Department of Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Co-supervised with Dr. Jeff Bowman working on network (Graph Theory) approaches to population and landscape Genetics. (2013-2014)

Dr. Paul Galpern

Currently an Assistant Professor at Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary, Alberta.

Co-supervised with Dr. Micheline Manseau working on Landscape Genetic analyses and software development for caribou genetic monitoring (2012-2013).

Dr. Jeff Row

Currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Waterloo

Co-supervised by Dr's. Wilson and Murray on a project to examine the environmental/landscape variables and periodic population influencing Canada lynx genetic structure and potential hybridization with bobcats. (2011-2013) Dr. Row was funded by an Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation grant and Canada Research Chair funds provided by both Wilson and Murray.

Dr. Laura Finnegan

Currently the Lead Researcher in the Caribou Program at the fRI (Foothills Research Institute) in Hinton, Alberta working with industry and government agencies.

Came to Trent University from Trinity College, Dublin having worked on the conservation genetics of red squirrels. (2009-2011). Under the co-supervision of Dr. Dennis Murray, and myself, Dr. Finnegan worked on: 1) the Landscape Genetics of moose (Alces alces) in the Algonquin Provincial Park Ecosystem and the southern distribution of moose in Ontario; and 2) authoring the Designatable Unit status of caribou in Canada for COSEWIC.

Dr. Tim Frasier

Currently starting an Associate Professor in Biology and Forensic Science at St. Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Dr. Wilson supervised Dr. Frasier as the Academic Coordinator for the RCMP Professional Training Program for 2008-2009.

Dr. Brenna McLeod

Currently a Course Coordinator, FRSC Program at Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Also a Research Associate at the Frasier Laboratory of Molecular Ecology and Evolution and the Canadian Whale Institute.

Dr. Wilson supervised Dr. McLeod as the Project Coordinator and Curriculum Developer for the RCMP Professional Training Program for 2008-2009.

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