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Student Collaborations

Students supervised by other faculty where I was involved in the supervision on the genetic aspects of the projects:

Dr. Jean Polfus

Currently a Liber Ero Postdoctoral Fellow at Tulita, Northwest Territories, Canada

Natural Resource Institute (NRI), University of Manitoba, PhD student co-supervised with Dr. Micheline Manseau. Thesis on the integration of ecology, genetics and community knowledge in understanding caribou ecotypes (2011-2016).

Dr. Paul Galpern

Currently an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary, Alberta.

Natural Resource Institute (NRI), University of Manitoba, NSERC funded supervised by Dr. Micheline Manseau. Thesis topic “Fine- and meso-scale landscape genetics and functional connectivity of caribou” (2008-2012).

Larissa Nituch

Currently with the Wildlife Research & Monitoring Section of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Kapuskasing, Canada

Trent University, NSERC funded student MSc student. Thesis topic “Assessing risks of disease transmission from mink ranches to wild mink populations” (2007 – 2010).

Dr. Colin Garroway

Currently an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at the University of Manitoba.

Trent University, NSERC funded student PhD student. Thesis topic “The social and genetic structure of flying squirrel populations” (2006 – 2010).

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