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I completed my M.Sc. and Ph.D. under the supervision of Dr. Bradley White as a part-time graduate student while working first as a Forensic Scientist and then as the Forensic Supervisor of the Wildlife Forensic DNA Laboratory from 1991-1997 at McMaster University then from 1997-2001 at Trent University
These protocols formed the basis for processing case work submitted to the Wildlife Forensic DNA Laboratory from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) and other provincial and federal agencies (RCMP, Environment Canada, Parks Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Service).
My PhD concentrated on conservation genetics of North American wolf and coyote species, moose genetic structure at neutral and functional DNA markers and the population of African cichlids in the most severe conditions any teleost fish has been located: Lake Magadi in Kenya.

About Me

As a forensic scientist, I have participated in 100s of cases and have testified in over 30 trials as an expert witness in DNA profiling and wildlife forensic science. As a result of my forensic experience, I served as the founding Chair of the Professional Forensic Science Program at Trent University.

I served on the recently founded US Scientific Working Group for Wildlife Forensic Science (SWGWILD).

I have continued my research program in the areas of non-human forensic science and conservation genetics as a Tier II Canada Research Chair in DNA Profiling, Forensics & Functional Genomics.

I served two terms on the Terrestrial Mammal Subcommittee of the Committee for the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC).


I served as Chair of the Board for Five Counties Children’s Centre in Peterborough and associated counties, and have returned to the Board as a member and incoming Chair of the Government Relations Committee. 

I served on the Board of the Ontario Association of Children’s Rehabilitation Centres (OACRS) as Chair of their Government Relations Committee, and was formely the Vice-Chair of the Board.

Why I Volunteer





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